The domain

4 hectares of woods and meadows, with a river and a swimming-pool, will invite you to peace, rest and reshaping, all welcome in this time when restlessness and stress are far too often part of our daily lives.

Here stones and plants intertwine. It is said that long ago a meteorite fell on Lance mountain, which overlooks the house, and that imposing boulders found refuge way down to the river. The ancient oak trees, the unity of the place lead us to believe the Celts used to devote themselves to their magic right here. It can still be felt in the various atmospheres of the place, in each flower growing here, every day of the year.

Being sensitive to such harmony we chose to treat our waste water with phytodepuration for the house and to equip the Glamping site with dry toilets. We wish to take care of Mother Nature as well as of you.

In spring yellow primroses make way for scented violets, then daffodils, lilacs, elderberry trees and wild orchids adorn the meadow with touches of colours and will invite you to lay down worries and preoccupations. When macrocosm and microcosm meet, meditation opens to peace of the heart, body and mind.

In spring and summer you may feel the call for blue: in the sky, the swimming pool, in the indigo of starry nights.

In autumn green respectfully draws back to give way to the leafy union of shades of red and ochre.

In winter the silverberrie’s Jasmine scent enchants December when viburnums and Christmas roses reign through the whole season.

As you can well imagine the domain is full of charm throughout the year. And if by any chance it is too cold to step outside, a massage near the fireplace will persuade you to savour timeless moments.