About us

Karine Nivon :

When I was a child my parents had a restaurant.

My two favourite pastimes were reading, and serving customers.

I used to love those moments, having to be both discreet and on the look out for each and everyone’s needs.

I then followed a French-Italian bilingual curriculum at university, and after that got training in psycho-physical therapy, massage, family constellations, energy and Tantra.

I have thus developed fine perceptions to sense and guide beyond the visible, in spaces where body and mind remain muddled, confined in behaviour patterns and/or recurring situations.

I help Beings on their path of Beauty, fulfilment, opening of the heart, inner cycles and Gaia rhythms… with women circles, mixed workshops, one to one or with couples.

Joy, humour and simplicity of being are combined to allow for gentle opening, especially when painful memories arise.

In 2005 I co-created the Rêve de Femmes magazine, and then designed and created the Rêv’Elles Lunar Datebook in 2010. These publications are odes to Beauty and the Sacred Feminine for evolving Men and Women. If you feel like it visit the website : www.revedefemmes.fr

In 2013 I created with my ex partner this old dream : a place for both accommodation and well-being. Hence the creation of The Dance of the Butterflies to welcome you, invite you to revitalize and be well. Drôme was the first department in France to grow organic food so it is easy for us to offer delightful organic fresh local products.